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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Stupidly Beautiful

I was chatting with a friend online last night. I asked him why he wasn't spending some quality time with his wife. He said she was watching TV that he's not interseted. Then I realized oh yeah, there must be some movies on weekend on each channels ha? I turned on TV and started switching channels to search for something good.

No luck until I came to the Swedish TV1. Its lighting, camera, colors and the dialogues make me almost sure it's a romantic love story shown there. I decided to give a try for few minutes. The British English accent almost sound too attractive in an American film. I supposed I almost lost the half of the story, but I managed to assume quite much what's happend and what's going on. It's an old story line, but that doesn't make the movie less worthy watching. A man and a woman who are both commited to someone else, had strong feelings for her/him, the person they didn't have a full name of and probably only met once long long time ago. They are both getting married, and they can't stop thinking and wondering and starting searching for the shadow-like figure somewhere out there. This is so naive and unrealistic, but I love it, and I believe many people would love it.

Other characters, like their best friends, the shop clark, etc. give the film humuor and other tastes. Ah New York, another love story film is based in NY. I knew it's probably nothing like that in real life. Well it's difference the big screen and our real life. I like watch some naive, stupidly beautiful and almost perfect movies from time to time. I mean why shouldn't I be happy for the perfect couple when in real life I had chance to dream of.

PS. Later on I found out the name of the film - "Serendipity". It's made in 2001 before 9.11. It was shown after 9.11 and it's said thousands of Americans were totally touched by it. Yeah, such kind of lovely, wishful stuff is one kind of therapy for the broken-hearted.


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