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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Stuck between winter and spring

It has been good weather for more than a week. The relative increased temperature and sunshine made the snow melt rather quicky. The air polution is said to be worse 'caz you see there are plenty of dusts and sands on the road that were to make the road less slippery.

Well, today it started raining/snowing again. I am not surprised of coursre. After having been here for more than 5 years, I am pretty familiar with Finnish pattern. Snowing, melting, snowing, wet snowing... just a normal cycle. In this area, spring comes much much later than for example, Oulu area, although it is just 120 km away.

Sadly I don't go skiing which is one of the most popular sports in the country. I love outdoor sports like running, jogging, but I don't have a pair of proper shoes for those purposes. I figured I could go running with my normal summer shoes few days ago. But now the ground is too wet and dirty. Gym is a good place to practice. I haven't really been going to gym actually. First of all, it's costly to me. Second of all, I don't quite like it. The cheapest offer in town for students is about 30 Euro/month. It's really not bad. But I only get few hundreds of Euros as my study allowance. Gotta pay rent, bus card, food, and clothes, little travelling, etc. And I couldn't have it all every month. Yeah, student life does suck economically.

Therefore I am somehow stuck between winter and spring, snow and sunbeam, here and homdland, money and fun, language crises and laziness, etc. Oh, this list doesn't seem to end at all.

I think we feel like chaning in this season you know. Easter has little meaning to me, since I don't even know the Bible stories whereas holiday to me is a time to sleep later, get up later, eat whatever whenever. It also means that I'd get pisssed at bf more often, talk noncence more often. But I can't care that much


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