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Thursday, March 03, 2005

One-Child Policy after 2 decades

Recently I read so many posts from various forums about "One-Child Policy" in China. It has been alive for more than 2 decades now. As a end-70's-born Chinese (me myself had a relatively lonely childhood since I was the only child in the family), I have quite contrdictory views on this matter. I totally understand the necessity of this policy in China. People joked, "Our nation's population probably is one of the few contributions from China to the world!"

Oh of course it's not a contribution, it only worsen the world's population problem and resouces crises, etc. We all know. Who doens't? One-Child Policy definately bring China good. For developed country like China, which drives for continuous and steady economic growth, population is one of the biggest burden, needless to say. So what's the situation now? China's population has been increasing, and the One-Child Policy has slowed down the speed. China is now facing a rather unbalanced population structure - with increases of DINK (Double Income No Kids) groups in citities but violattion to the policy in countryside and remote areas (3, 4 or 5 kids in one family). In a number of major cities, aging population has been raised as a critical issue, whereas in the remote areas people are suffering from proverty and One-Child Policy has less effectiveness and is less binding.

There are statistics showing how many percentages of DINK couples in a city. These numbers don't give a exclusive picture imhb. Let's say it's true that more and more young couples don't wish to have kids; they have high standard of life and have rather different family concept compared with the older generation. Well, that doesn't mean they will not change their ideas about kids later. I mean medicine is advanced nowadays. It is risky to carry a baby and give birth in 30's - 40's of a woman, but many women were like that without any dangers and the babies were healthy. DINK resprensents more state of mind rather a decision made for life-time. Therefore to me DINK couples are not my biggest worries.

I am supporter of One-Child Policy generally, although I never deny the side effects it has brought. It has cruelness of state-control. It perhaps makes DINK couples more reluctant to have a thought having a baby in the future. If a DINK couple or high-income family pays the tuition for one child in a poor living condition(can't afford to going to schools stuff like that), then I would say there is a point of all these pros and cons. One-Child Policy should be persistent no matter how many criticisms there are. There are also flexibility, for example a couple with BOTH being the only child in each family have possibility to have the 2nd child.

I've never been living in a countryside not mention any remote mountain areas. There is one thing that I am sure -the Policy has big difficulties to take effect in the way it should there than cities. It never did. Obstables like local protections, old out-dated but unchanged views, etc. seem to be many...

Think about the low-birth rate in Finland? I don't agree fewer people high qualities, more people low qualities. Finland is trying to bring more labour force from overseas. I guess another kind of population crise then.


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