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Thursday, March 17, 2005

No phone for a week

I have been out of Mobile phone for almost a week. How does it feel? Nobody calls and you don't get to call anyone. I haven't been searching for a new phone really. I know this is crazy. I have to work and travel through places to places, people to people. How could I and how would I allow myself to just idle and live days without a basic communication tool? Work place offers a phone for work. I haven't taken it, in fact I just left it recharging at the office and asked one of the project colleagues to take it. Good thing about my current work is that it doesn't leave the office and extend out of my regular working hours. Yeah, traineeship goes fast. Still 3 months or so to go.

My broken phone is totally broken, and no way to be fixed. I'd like to have camera phone. In Finland camera phone with good resolution is still quite highly-priced. On the other hand I really wanna see how long I can stand without a phone. Frankly I shouldn't be doing this, cause I have friends here and in home land and of course my family wouldn't wanna hear nothing and hear "Phone switched off" message every day.

People say you usually feel things precious only after you lost them. This time yeah I do. I don't feel the phone is that precious 'caz it was pretty a bad phone and out-dated. I won't get much out of it if I take it to the phone for an better one. The thing is people needs phone. Like I feel pretty empty if friends don't ring me or what if they can't find me and they are worried. I don't want anyone to be worried. So in that way having a phone is for other people's sake, for the people who you are connecting with.

Therefor no phone for a week, only only for a week. I should get something to replace.


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