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Saturday, March 26, 2005


I am used to live my holiday like this: wake up-struggle a bit before actually get up- walk a bit through all rooms-check the time- wash/clean up- PC on- indulge in BBS.

There are 4 bbs which I usually hang around nowadays, I mean daily. These four are all representative in a way or another. FinlandForum, and Kina represent that I am currently living in Finland, the former one is for all foreingers living in or related to Finland, the latter one is for Chinese(only) living in a number of European countries, .fi to be more exactly. The other two bbs are from sznews and Xinhuanet. Obviously I go there because SZ is my hometown and Xinhua is considered to be most authorative news agency in China.

You see I am quite happy with the current bbs of my own choies. They all make sense and I don't have to provide myself or anyone else reasons why I am hanging in bbs instead of doing something more important. Since they are all my favourates, I visited them respectively more than two times.

For each of them there is something I don't like. FInlandForum is the place I'd like to feel connected to. I grow up in Easter society and I couldn't get all the humors and views immediately (probably never) from the threads. That gets me of course frustrated. Its not about how good my English is. I understand far better and experience far more than average people from my origin when it comes to western way of expression and customs. The most imporant thing with FinlandForum is most of them live in Helsinki area which makes them good close friends in real life too. They hang around in weekends or even quite often after work to get a beer or something.

Kina is a place for Chinese students in Europe mostly. Of course there are people who have a job and permenant residency (family, kids), etc. Most of them are young and feels that people born after 82 are way different than people like me born at the end of 70s (79). .fi section is pretty quiet compared to other countries' section. Don't know why though. I am there more like a big sister or someone who has been in Finland almost too long. :D

The most attractive part of forum.xinhuanet is one section for discussing the nations' development issues as well as societies. I go there for sake of learning stuff. I am not a organized person in writing in Chinese (no more). Most of all I don't have very much facts,evidence and logical thinking for those controversal topics (in political sense). The fact I hang around in sznews is to get attention, have fun and kill the emptiness, although it's not that effective sometimes. Topics are nocence and bullshit most of them. How can some 21-23 year-old have some much 'pain' from life, work, previous relationship? I don't mean they don't have experience or painful experience. I hate people blame the society and the city where they live for everything unfortunate that's come to them. That's just chicken and lame. So facing that kinds of threads, I just ignore and sneeze... :/

BBS can trually get you addicted. It can get you even empty and bored too. But things all come along when I choose an activity. So beat it.


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