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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Father necessary?

In the Finlandforum, someone raised a question like 'is Father necessary'? A strange and strange question to ask and answer isn't it? I have a traditional view on this. Of course it's necessary to have a father as it's important to have a mother. For those single parent familes, kids probably grow up OK or probably have to face many difficulties. We can't know for sure for each kid which way is the best way to be and grow up. Some of them can end up quite nicely with parents divource at their early childhood, like they learn how to appreciate what they have had and they have now, learn to be independent and take care of sisters and brothers. They might not be necessarily 'better' if they were in a 'health' family.

For those who think Father is just a figure, which doesn't even have much influence on the kids. I mean a Father, surely he has impact, positive or nagative, but mostly Father is just there. Even if the father doesn't come around often, doesn't seem to be a role model, it is still a father. I think having a father is part of a person becoming a growup. It helps to see the world and see the society, because a mother is another angle. Sure there are many people who grow up 'OK' with only mothers. Just that how can you know which way you are supposed to be, you can be, you are forced to be, you are led to be, you are encouraged to be, ha? Too many imaginary questions...ahhh..........


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