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Saturday, March 26, 2005


I am used to live my holiday like this: wake up-struggle a bit before actually get up- walk a bit through all rooms-check the time- wash/clean up- PC on- indulge in BBS.

There are 4 bbs which I usually hang around nowadays, I mean daily. These four are all representative in a way or another. FinlandForum, and Kina represent that I am currently living in Finland, the former one is for all foreingers living in or related to Finland, the latter one is for Chinese(only) living in a number of European countries, .fi to be more exactly. The other two bbs are from sznews and Xinhuanet. Obviously I go there because SZ is my hometown and Xinhua is considered to be most authorative news agency in China.

You see I am quite happy with the current bbs of my own choies. They all make sense and I don't have to provide myself or anyone else reasons why I am hanging in bbs instead of doing something more important. Since they are all my favourates, I visited them respectively more than two times.

For each of them there is something I don't like. FInlandForum is the place I'd like to feel connected to. I grow up in Easter society and I couldn't get all the humors and views immediately (probably never) from the threads. That gets me of course frustrated. Its not about how good my English is. I understand far better and experience far more than average people from my origin when it comes to western way of expression and customs. The most imporant thing with FinlandForum is most of them live in Helsinki area which makes them good close friends in real life too. They hang around in weekends or even quite often after work to get a beer or something.

Kina is a place for Chinese students in Europe mostly. Of course there are people who have a job and permenant residency (family, kids), etc. Most of them are young and feels that people born after 82 are way different than people like me born at the end of 70s (79). .fi section is pretty quiet compared to other countries' section. Don't know why though. I am there more like a big sister or someone who has been in Finland almost too long. :D

The most attractive part of forum.xinhuanet is one section for discussing the nations' development issues as well as societies. I go there for sake of learning stuff. I am not a organized person in writing in Chinese (no more). Most of all I don't have very much facts,evidence and logical thinking for those controversal topics (in political sense). The fact I hang around in sznews is to get attention, have fun and kill the emptiness, although it's not that effective sometimes. Topics are nocence and bullshit most of them. How can some 21-23 year-old have some much 'pain' from life, work, previous relationship? I don't mean they don't have experience or painful experience. I hate people blame the society and the city where they live for everything unfortunate that's come to them. That's just chicken and lame. So facing that kinds of threads, I just ignore and sneeze... :/

BBS can trually get you addicted. It can get you even empty and bored too. But things all come along when I choose an activity. So beat it.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Father necessary?

In the Finlandforum, someone raised a question like 'is Father necessary'? A strange and strange question to ask and answer isn't it? I have a traditional view on this. Of course it's necessary to have a father as it's important to have a mother. For those single parent familes, kids probably grow up OK or probably have to face many difficulties. We can't know for sure for each kid which way is the best way to be and grow up. Some of them can end up quite nicely with parents divource at their early childhood, like they learn how to appreciate what they have had and they have now, learn to be independent and take care of sisters and brothers. They might not be necessarily 'better' if they were in a 'health' family.

For those who think Father is just a figure, which doesn't even have much influence on the kids. I mean a Father, surely he has impact, positive or nagative, but mostly Father is just there. Even if the father doesn't come around often, doesn't seem to be a role model, it is still a father. I think having a father is part of a person becoming a growup. It helps to see the world and see the society, because a mother is another angle. Sure there are many people who grow up 'OK' with only mothers. Just that how can you know which way you are supposed to be, you can be, you are forced to be, you are led to be, you are encouraged to be, ha? Too many imaginary questions...ahhh..........

Stuck between winter and spring

It has been good weather for more than a week. The relative increased temperature and sunshine made the snow melt rather quicky. The air polution is said to be worse 'caz you see there are plenty of dusts and sands on the road that were to make the road less slippery.

Well, today it started raining/snowing again. I am not surprised of coursre. After having been here for more than 5 years, I am pretty familiar with Finnish pattern. Snowing, melting, snowing, wet snowing... just a normal cycle. In this area, spring comes much much later than for example, Oulu area, although it is just 120 km away.

Sadly I don't go skiing which is one of the most popular sports in the country. I love outdoor sports like running, jogging, but I don't have a pair of proper shoes for those purposes. I figured I could go running with my normal summer shoes few days ago. But now the ground is too wet and dirty. Gym is a good place to practice. I haven't really been going to gym actually. First of all, it's costly to me. Second of all, I don't quite like it. The cheapest offer in town for students is about 30 Euro/month. It's really not bad. But I only get few hundreds of Euros as my study allowance. Gotta pay rent, bus card, food, and clothes, little travelling, etc. And I couldn't have it all every month. Yeah, student life does suck economically.

Therefore I am somehow stuck between winter and spring, snow and sunbeam, here and homdland, money and fun, language crises and laziness, etc. Oh, this list doesn't seem to end at all.

I think we feel like chaning in this season you know. Easter has little meaning to me, since I don't even know the Bible stories whereas holiday to me is a time to sleep later, get up later, eat whatever whenever. It also means that I'd get pisssed at bf more often, talk noncence more often. But I can't care that much

Thursday, March 17, 2005

No phone for a week

I have been out of Mobile phone for almost a week. How does it feel? Nobody calls and you don't get to call anyone. I haven't been searching for a new phone really. I know this is crazy. I have to work and travel through places to places, people to people. How could I and how would I allow myself to just idle and live days without a basic communication tool? Work place offers a phone for work. I haven't taken it, in fact I just left it recharging at the office and asked one of the project colleagues to take it. Good thing about my current work is that it doesn't leave the office and extend out of my regular working hours. Yeah, traineeship goes fast. Still 3 months or so to go.

My broken phone is totally broken, and no way to be fixed. I'd like to have camera phone. In Finland camera phone with good resolution is still quite highly-priced. On the other hand I really wanna see how long I can stand without a phone. Frankly I shouldn't be doing this, cause I have friends here and in home land and of course my family wouldn't wanna hear nothing and hear "Phone switched off" message every day.

People say you usually feel things precious only after you lost them. This time yeah I do. I don't feel the phone is that precious 'caz it was pretty a bad phone and out-dated. I won't get much out of it if I take it to the phone for an better one. The thing is people needs phone. Like I feel pretty empty if friends don't ring me or what if they can't find me and they are worried. I don't want anyone to be worried. So in that way having a phone is for other people's sake, for the people who you are connecting with.

Therefor no phone for a week, only only for a week. I should get something to replace.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Stupidly Beautiful

I was chatting with a friend online last night. I asked him why he wasn't spending some quality time with his wife. He said she was watching TV that he's not interseted. Then I realized oh yeah, there must be some movies on weekend on each channels ha? I turned on TV and started switching channels to search for something good.

No luck until I came to the Swedish TV1. Its lighting, camera, colors and the dialogues make me almost sure it's a romantic love story shown there. I decided to give a try for few minutes. The British English accent almost sound too attractive in an American film. I supposed I almost lost the half of the story, but I managed to assume quite much what's happend and what's going on. It's an old story line, but that doesn't make the movie less worthy watching. A man and a woman who are both commited to someone else, had strong feelings for her/him, the person they didn't have a full name of and probably only met once long long time ago. They are both getting married, and they can't stop thinking and wondering and starting searching for the shadow-like figure somewhere out there. This is so naive and unrealistic, but I love it, and I believe many people would love it.

Other characters, like their best friends, the shop clark, etc. give the film humuor and other tastes. Ah New York, another love story film is based in NY. I knew it's probably nothing like that in real life. Well it's difference the big screen and our real life. I like watch some naive, stupidly beautiful and almost perfect movies from time to time. I mean why shouldn't I be happy for the perfect couple when in real life I had chance to dream of.

PS. Later on I found out the name of the film - "Serendipity". It's made in 2001 before 9.11. It was shown after 9.11 and it's said thousands of Americans were totally touched by it. Yeah, such kind of lovely, wishful stuff is one kind of therapy for the broken-hearted.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

One-Child Policy after 2 decades

Recently I read so many posts from various forums about "One-Child Policy" in China. It has been alive for more than 2 decades now. As a end-70's-born Chinese (me myself had a relatively lonely childhood since I was the only child in the family), I have quite contrdictory views on this matter. I totally understand the necessity of this policy in China. People joked, "Our nation's population probably is one of the few contributions from China to the world!"

Oh of course it's not a contribution, it only worsen the world's population problem and resouces crises, etc. We all know. Who doens't? One-Child Policy definately bring China good. For developed country like China, which drives for continuous and steady economic growth, population is one of the biggest burden, needless to say. So what's the situation now? China's population has been increasing, and the One-Child Policy has slowed down the speed. China is now facing a rather unbalanced population structure - with increases of DINK (Double Income No Kids) groups in citities but violattion to the policy in countryside and remote areas (3, 4 or 5 kids in one family). In a number of major cities, aging population has been raised as a critical issue, whereas in the remote areas people are suffering from proverty and One-Child Policy has less effectiveness and is less binding.

There are statistics showing how many percentages of DINK couples in a city. These numbers don't give a exclusive picture imhb. Let's say it's true that more and more young couples don't wish to have kids; they have high standard of life and have rather different family concept compared with the older generation. Well, that doesn't mean they will not change their ideas about kids later. I mean medicine is advanced nowadays. It is risky to carry a baby and give birth in 30's - 40's of a woman, but many women were like that without any dangers and the babies were healthy. DINK resprensents more state of mind rather a decision made for life-time. Therefore to me DINK couples are not my biggest worries.

I am supporter of One-Child Policy generally, although I never deny the side effects it has brought. It has cruelness of state-control. It perhaps makes DINK couples more reluctant to have a thought having a baby in the future. If a DINK couple or high-income family pays the tuition for one child in a poor living condition(can't afford to going to schools stuff like that), then I would say there is a point of all these pros and cons. One-Child Policy should be persistent no matter how many criticisms there are. There are also flexibility, for example a couple with BOTH being the only child in each family have possibility to have the 2nd child.

I've never been living in a countryside not mention any remote mountain areas. There is one thing that I am sure -the Policy has big difficulties to take effect in the way it should there than cities. It never did. Obstables like local protections, old out-dated but unchanged views, etc. seem to be many...

Think about the low-birth rate in Finland? I don't agree fewer people high qualities, more people low qualities. Finland is trying to bring more labour force from overseas. I guess another kind of population crise then.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Cultural thoughts

Yesterday well actually last night, mid-night was Oscar Awards. I completely forgot about it and went to sleep I think before 22.30. This morning browsing few news sites before starting my work made me realize "oh here it came again"! What did I miss then? Cris Rock's hosting? Zha Ziyi presenting award and her so-called improved English? Elegant evening gowns? Moving speech of winners on stage? In China people can watch the live show in morning, whereas here in Finland it is my precious sleepy sleepy time, so I can miss it without much regret.

I am not saying Oscar is less respectful in my eyes. I mean the movies are definately worth watching, for example Million Dollor Baby . Client Eastwood, the old western movie stars have directing telents in dramas. Hilary Swank who impressed me very much with her performance in "Boys Don't Cry" won second time "Best Leading Actress". Well she couldn't ask for more for her almost perfect acting career at this point, could she? I guess nowadays I just watch movies. Previously I had wired appetite for award-winner/norminated movies, and almost against watching any commedies and dum-ass films. In fact according to many prefessionals commedies are much harder and acting in commedies is much harder too. Take even our yearly Spring Festival Eve Show on CCTV as an example, stand-up commedies and "Xiao Ping" (short commedies) received usually the most critisis.

After all the movie festivals have changed in years. Their favourates are moving closer to the mainstream ones and public's tastes. It is said it is not a bad thing. I agree partly. There should be always room for all kinds of movies and film makers. I think there is. Hopefully relatively small-budget films would make good results in ticket box or even in getting critics' attention.