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Friday, February 25, 2005

When things dont work out

It has been definately a beutiful bright week although it is cold. I have nothing much to complain about. This winter has been much more mild than the previous ones, especially for people like me living in Northern Finland. Poeple are talking about winter/ski holidays with great enthusiasm. I am not a big fan of any winter sports, but it will still nice to do some skiing in local areas wouldn't it?

I am quite depressed by the current situation of my work practice. I've got not much to do, but I love to have more tasks and work at hand, for sake of my own specilization. It was ok to get along with the other project members/trainees. I don't have much intereste to get to know students from our department anyway.

Chinese Spring Festival has ended. People back in China went back to work last Monday. I believe the New Year is the time every Chinese are supposed to celebrate, something at least, with someone at least. Hey did you know that New York has Chinese New Year has city's registered public holiday? So surely it means something, not any more among Chinese communities.

Tomorrow I've got to see my bf's younger brother in military camp. I have no idea what kind of ceremony it is and I'm looking forward to it in any sense. However I am curious to see how he is standing in the crowd of soldiers. Hehe

1st post after joining the blog. More coming up...


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