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Monday, February 28, 2005

Neutual on my own matters

I am going to call a tourist company for job opportunities. To be honest, I didn't expect very much when last Friday I walked into the city's tourist/travel office. Rather I was expecting a short "no no" answer, after that I could walk out of the door with a disappointed smile and embarassed facial expression, then started enjoying the beautiful sunshine outside.

I am surprised that the lady took time to listen to and talk with me even though my Finnish really really needs lots of time and efforts to work on. I just went there for a short ask so I didn't bring any references and CV. Do you believe I became nervous when people took interest in me out of surprise? Anyway, I tried to explain as well as I could, like my pervious experience in travel and school backgrounds. She made a phone call to a local company to ask if they have any opportunites to offer. She asked me to go to visit the firm and talk to the person in charge there. I was very thankful with what she did. I meant I have never thought she would be willing to make some phone calls and help me to figure something out.

Later on it turned out that my mistaken narration in Finnish made her misundertand I am looking for a work practice placement. OMG! Ok no worries. At least it got cleared out. I explained I was looking for a real job, part-time or summer job. At this point, I am not over optimistic about the phone call and visit. Many things seemed all so promising then all the sudden there was nothing left to hope for. Well, I am not the first-time job seeker and totally aware of the awkward siuation I have been facing. For example, the person I am going to visit can be totally reluctant to take me seriously; the person can say she thought I am seeking work palcement-- misunderstanding then; or the person just couldn't say no on the phone to the lady I met at the "info" desk; in fact the real situation is they don't need any more workforce.

Well, for all these years I have learned one thing properly- to be calm about happiness and opportunities. There are just too many sides. I am not smart enough to take all sides into account. Maybe no one can. I'd rather be neutual even with my own issues.


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