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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Cultural thoughts

Yesterday well actually last night, mid-night was Oscar Awards. I completely forgot about it and went to sleep I think before 22.30. This morning browsing few news sites before starting my work made me realize "oh here it came again"! What did I miss then? Cris Rock's hosting? Zha Ziyi presenting award and her so-called improved English? Elegant evening gowns? Moving speech of winners on stage? In China people can watch the live show in morning, whereas here in Finland it is my precious sleepy sleepy time, so I can miss it without much regret.

I am not saying Oscar is less respectful in my eyes. I mean the movies are definately worth watching, for example Million Dollor Baby . Client Eastwood, the old western movie stars have directing telents in dramas. Hilary Swank who impressed me very much with her performance in "Boys Don't Cry" won second time "Best Leading Actress". Well she couldn't ask for more for her almost perfect acting career at this point, could she? I guess nowadays I just watch movies. Previously I had wired appetite for award-winner/norminated movies, and almost against watching any commedies and dum-ass films. In fact according to many prefessionals commedies are much harder and acting in commedies is much harder too. Take even our yearly Spring Festival Eve Show on CCTV as an example, stand-up commedies and "Xiao Ping" (short commedies) received usually the most critisis.

After all the movie festivals have changed in years. Their favourates are moving closer to the mainstream ones and public's tastes. It is said it is not a bad thing. I agree partly. There should be always room for all kinds of movies and film makers. I think there is. Hopefully relatively small-budget films would make good results in ticket box or even in getting critics' attention.


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